What to Expect Before, During and After In- Office Tooth Whitening


Please keep in mind that only natural teeth will respond to the whitening treatment. Teeth that have crowns, veneers or even large fillings will not change color after this procedure so if you are unhappy with the color of existing dental work, we can discuss replacing it. The results of this treatment will vary with each individual patient. Teeth are variable in color and this variability within an individual tooth will still remain when the teeth have been whitened. White marks in teeth will often appear to be more pronounced immediately after whitening. Whilst this usually reduces over time, it often persists. 

The bleaching process involves pulling intrinsic stain particles from your teeth so if your teeth are already very white, there may not be a significant change. The brightness of the whitening also depends on the thickness and translucency of your enamel, which is unique to each patient. 

Your whitening appointment will be approximately 60 minutes. Please be sure to complete your paperwork prior to your appointment so that the procedure can start on time. 

The whitening material we use is 37.5 % hydrogen peroxide. There will be a barrier placed around your lips and gums in order to protect them from chemical burn. While the procedure is taking place please be mindful of not to touching your mouth with your hands or moving your lips and tongue around to avoid causing the bleach to leak onto the gums. 

If you do get some whitening material on your gums, you may feel a slight burning sensation and will notice the gums turn white after the procedure is finished. This usually goes away after a few hours with the application of vitamin E oil but we try our best to avoid this by following the precautions listed above.

The whitening treatment will be applied to your teeth and stay on for 4 cycles of 8 minutes each. Most patients experience a slight color change immediately after treatment but the majority notice a difference 5 hours after the procedure and the next day. We recommend avoiding eating or drinking tooth staining food and beverages for 24-48 hours (Examples include Coffee, Wine, Soy Sauce, Curry, Red Sauce) as this will decrease the efficacy of the whitening treatment.